1000 round of LoneStar Munitons 230gr 45acp ammo


LoneStar Munitions .45 ACP ammunition is manufactured with high-quality components.  This round is currently offered in 230gr bullet weight.  The bullet type is Coated Metal Jacket Round Nose (CMJ RN), Total Metal Jacket Round Nose (TMJ RN) or a cold-swaged, lead-core Full Metal Jacket Round Nose (FMJ RN).  The box label will indicate the type of projectile.  Enjoy this classic caliber of ammunition with Lone Star Munitions quality and factory-direct prices!  The loading formula for this round is specifically selected by LSM staff to give a very nice feel in the hand upon firing.  Enjoy that great .45 ‘Thump’!  Your sidearm will fire clean and true.

1000 round of LoneStar Munitons 230gr 45acp ammo

December 31, 2024, 12:00 am


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