Artemis suppressors are designed for hunting, long-range shooting, target shooting and similar applications.

Artemis suppressors have stainless steel baffles, and a double-wall aluminum outer shell.  The tickness and spacing of the baffle elements vary along the length of the suppressor, with a thick first baffle, and reduced thickness and baffle spacing as the internal pressure naturally drops.  This allows us to minimize weight, making the Artemis line of suppressors comparable in weight to titanium units, at about half the cost!

The outer shell of each Artemis suppressor is made from high-strength aluminum alloy. Inside this is a second shell of aluminum, specifically selected for its corrosion resistance. We then use 300 series stainless steel for our baffles to withstand the erosive, super-sonic and hot gasses which pass through them. Use of mostly aluminum and stainless steel only where needed keeps the weight low. Direct thread means that your suppressor will go on the same way each time, minimizing concerns with point-of-aim shift. We don’t like to re-zero every time the suppressor comes off and on the gun!

The only limits of Artemis suppressors are the temperature limits of aluminum. A rate of fire that keeps the outer shell below 200 degrees F is required. For example, 10 rounds of 5.56 rapid fire will get an Artemis suppressor up to about 180 degrees F.  For bench-rest, target shooting, or just about all hunting applications this is not a hindrance.  We also provide a temperature indicating strip with each suppressor to let you know your suppressor temperature in real-time.

Artemis suppressors are available in Cerakote finish, or with a Real-Tree camo wrap.  We guarantee a lifetime of use; the only restrictions being over-temperature and cross-threading, as these factors are in your control, not ours.  If you can ‘shoot-out’ an Artemis suppressor, we’ll re-core it for free!



Topic: R&D Workshop Artemis 5.56 FDE Suppressor with NFA STAMP!
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