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The ultimate destination for the Second Amendment Community.  

Welcome to the ATF Playground, a revolutionary space where the world of firearms is not just explored but experienced in depth. At the heart of our concept is a commitment to providing an unparalleled selection of firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition, and apparel. Our retail experience bridges the tactile, personalized service of our physical store with the convenience and breadth of our online platform, ensuring that every customer finds exactly what they need, whether they walk through our doors or browse our digital shelves.

But we go beyond merely selling products. Recognizing the diverse interests and needs of our clientele, we’ve expanded our offerings to include a wide variety of consumer goods. This expansion means that our customers can enjoy a more comprehensive shopping experience, finding everything from the latest in tactical gear to lifestyle products, all under one roof or with a click online.

Education and skill development are pillars of the ATF Playground Concept. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and expertise. That’s why we offer a range of classes and workshops, both online and in-person, tailored to suit all levels of firearm enthusiasts. From beginners looking to learn the basics to advanced shooters honing their skills, our educational services are designed to promote safety, responsibility, and proficiency.

Entertainment is another key aspect of our concept, with our shooting range attractions offering a unique blend of fun and skill development. These aren’t just shooting ranges; they’re immersive experiences designed to engage and excite, whether you’re practicing on your own, competing with friends, or participating in one of our events.

The ATF Playground Concept is more than just a store or a service; it’s a community hub for anyone interested in the world of firearms. Whether you’re shopping, learning, or simply looking for a unique way to spend your day, we’re here to provide an experience that’s as safe as it is exhilarating.

Retail Showroom & Online Store

The ATF Playground concept elevates the retail experience for firearms enthusiasts by blending an immersive showroom environment with the convenience of online shopping, creating a seamless journey from discovery to purchase. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to offering an expansive and meticulously curated selection of firearms, accessories, ammunition, and apparel that caters to both the seasoned shooter and the newcomer alike.

Our retail showroom, nestled within the ATF Playground, is designed to be more than just a space to browse products. It’s an interactive environment where customers can engage with our knowledgeable staff, experience products firsthand, and participate in live demonstrations and events. This hands-on approach allows customers to make informed decisions about their purchases, ensuring that each item meets their specific needs and preferences. The showroom serves as a tangible extension of our community, where the culture of firearms is celebrated and shared among enthusiasts.

Simultaneously, our online retail platform mirrors the quality and diversity of the showroom experience, offering customers the flexibility to shop from anywhere at any time. This digital extension of the ATF Playground is equipped with detailed product information, customer reviews, and interactive tools to help buyers make informed choices. The convenience of online shopping, combined with the assurance of expert support and advice, ensures that our customers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whether visiting our retail showroom or shopping online, customers of the ATF Playground are guaranteed access to the latest products, exclusive deals, and a shopping experience that is tailored to their unique interests and requirements. This dual approach to retail underscores our dedication to accessibility and customer satisfaction, making the ATF Playground a premier destination for all things firearms and beyond.


The Bravo Training Academy, an integral component of the ATF Playground concept, represents the pinnacle of firearms education and training. This academy is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers safety, handling, shooting techniques, and tactical training. Our approach combines the practical, hands-on experience at our state-of-the-art facilities with the depth of knowledge provided by our seasoned instructors, ensuring a learning environment that is both inclusive and challenging.

At the heart of the Bravo Training Academy is a commitment to excellence and personal development. We believe that education is the foundation of responsible firearm ownership and use. To this end, our courses are structured to empower students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate any situation with precision and safety. From basic firearm safety classes to advanced defensive shooting and scenario-based training, our academy offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for personal growth and skill enhancement.

Incorporated into the larger ATF Playground ecosystem, the Bravo Training Academy stands as a testament to our dedication to creating a holistic and engaging experience for our community. Students not only benefit from top-tier educational resources but also have the unique opportunity to apply their learning in a vibrant and supportive environment. Our academy encourages continuous learning and development, offering regular workshops, seminars, and events designed to keep our community informed, engaged, and ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of firearms.

The Bravo Training Academy is more than just a training facility; it’s a cornerstone of the ATF Playground, where education meets passion, and where individuals come to grow, learn, and become part of a broader community dedicated to excellence and the responsible enjoyment of firearms and shooting sports.

Cigar Bar and Restaurant

Nestled within the vibrant ATF Playground, the cigar bar and restaurant, Amendment 21, serves as a cornerstone of luxury and leisure, offering an unparalleled experience for both cigar aficionados and culinary enthusiasts. This exclusive venue is more than just a place to enjoy premium cigars and exquisite dining; it’s an integral part of a larger ecosystem designed to cater to the refined tastes of our patrons, combining the joys of gourmet food, fine cigars, and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages relaxation and camaraderie.

Amendment 21 is crafted to reflect the sophisticated spirit of a classic speakeasy, where guests can unwind in an elegantly appointed setting, savoring the world’s finest cigars and indulging in a menu that complements the nuanced flavors of tobacco. Our selection of cigars is meticulously curated to ensure a wide range of options, catering to both seasoned smokers and those new to the experience. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to recommend pairings, ensuring that each visit is both educational and enjoyable.

The restaurant aspect of Amendment 21 elevates the experience further, offering a culinary journey that matches the excellence of our cigars. Our chefs craft dishes that blend traditional flavors with innovative techniques, creating a menu that’s both diverse and delectable. Whether it’s a casual meal or a special occasion, dining at Amendment 21 is an affair to remember, with each dish designed to enhance the cigar smoking experience, complementing and contrasting flavors to delight the palate.

Amendment 21, within the ATF Playground, is a destination where luxury meets leisure, offering an escape to a world where the fine art of cigar smoking and the pleasures of gourmet dining converge. It’s a space where patrons can enjoy the finer things in life, making every visit a memorable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. This unique combination of a cigar bar and restaurant serves as a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional lifestyle experience, where every detail is considered and every moment is cherished.

Customization & Services

At the core of the ATF Playground experience, our customization services and gunsmithing stand as a hallmark of our dedication to excellence and personal expression within the firearms community. We understand that firearms are not just tools; for many, they are a passion, a hobby, and a means of personal expression. This understanding drives our commitment to offering bespoke customization services and expert gunsmithing, seamlessly integrated within the ATF Playground ecosystem.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to provide a wide range of customization options, from aesthetic enhancements like cerakote finishes and engraving to performance upgrades such as trigger modifications and sight improvements. Whether you’re looking to personalize a new purchase or breathe new life into a trusted firearm, our skilled technicians and gunsmiths work closely with you to bring your vision to reality, ensuring that each piece reflects your individuality and meets your exacting standards.

Beyond customization, our comprehensive gunsmithing services ensure that your firearms not only look exceptional but perform at their peak. From routine maintenance and repairs to more complex modifications and rebuilds, our team employs the latest techniques and technologies to enhance your firearms’ functionality, reliability, and accuracy.

Integrating these services within the ATF Playground concept allows us to offer a holistic experience where firearms enthusiasts can explore, learn, and indulge their passion for shooting sports and arms craftsmanship. It’s a place where the art of gunsmithing and customization is celebrated, providing a unique opportunity to engage with experts, discover the latest trends and technologies, and experience the joy of owning a firearm that is truly one of a kind.

The ATF Playground is more than just a destination; it’s a community where the culture of firearms and the craft of gunsmithing converge, offering an unparalleled experience to those who seek the utmost in customization, performance, and personal service.


Within the vibrant ecosystem of the ATF Playground, our membership options stand as a testament to the comprehensive experience we aim to provide for every enthusiast and professional in the realm of firearms and luxury leisure. These memberships are more than just access passes; they are invitations to a community where the pleasures of firearms, fine cigars, and upscale gatherings converge. Each tier of membership is thoughtfully curated to elevate your journey through the ATF Playground, ensuring that every visit is both memorable and exclusive.

Members of the ATF Playground gain unparalleled access to a suite of amenities and services that cater to the aficionado’s lifestyle. This includes privileged entry to our cutting-edge indoor shooting range, the sophisticated ambiance of Amendment 21 cigar speakeasy, and invites to special gatherings that celebrate our passions. Benefits extend across a spectrum of interests, offering discounts on a wide selection of firearms, accessories, apparel, and even the finest cigars, tailored to meet the desires of those who appreciate the art of shooting and the culture of cigar smoking.

Moreover, our memberships enrich your experience with educational opportunities and skill enhancement, from personalized firearm coaching sessions to workshops and webinars led by experts in the field. The ATF Playground is not just about providing a service; it’s about nurturing a community where learning, luxury, and leisure seamlessly blend.

As a member, you are at the heart of the ATF Playground community, enjoying a refined atmosphere where your interests are shared, celebrated, and elevated. Whether you’re here to refine your shooting accuracy, unwind in the company of fellow cigar enthusiasts, or simply indulge in the exclusivity of our offerings, our memberships unlock the door to a premier lifestyle and the ultimate experience in firearms and luxury leisure.

Indoor Range

At the heart of the ATF Playground lies our state-of-the-art indoor tactical range, a cutting-edge facility designed to transcend traditional shooting experiences by offering immersive and dynamic shooting scenarios. This isn’t your ordinary range; it’s an environment where shooters can engage in realistic, scenario-based training, moving beyond static paper targets to participate in situations that challenge both skill and strategy. Our tactical range is equipped with advanced technology that enables a variety of simulated environments, from home defense situations to complex tactical operations, providing an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced shooters to hone their abilities in a controlled, yet highly realistic setting.

The core philosophy behind our indoor tactical range is to offer a comprehensive training experience that prepares individuals for real-world challenges. This immersive approach is complemented by our simulated training programs, which utilize cutting-edge virtual reality technology to create lifelike scenarios without live ammunition. These simulations are designed to refine decision-making skills, situational awareness, and precision under pressure, offering a safe yet effective training method for developing both mental and physical aspects of firearm use.

Participants at our indoor range benefit from the guidance of expert instructors who bring a wealth of experience from law enforcement, military, and competitive shooting backgrounds. These professionals provide personalized coaching, ensuring that each shooter, regardless of their experience level, receives the support and feedback necessary to improve their technique, safety, and confidence. The range is not just about shooting; it’s about learning, adapting, and mastering the art of firearm handling in complex and changing environments.

The ATF Playground’s indoor tactical range and simulated training facilities stand as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of firearms training. We offer an environment that not only tests and refines shooting skills but also immerses our members in scenarios that mimic real-life situations, ensuring they are prepared, confident, and proficient. This holistic approach to firearms education and training is what sets the ATF Playground apart, making it a premier destination for those seeking to elevate their shooting experience to new heights.


At the heart of our unique establishment lies Amendment 21, an upscale cigar speakeasy that combines the time-honored tradition of cigar smoking with the ambiance of a sophisticated retreat. This exclusive space is designed for aficionados and newcomers alike, offering a curated selection of premium cigars from around the world. Guests can relax in our plush, comfortable seating, surrounded by rich wood finishes and a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and conversation. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to recommend the perfect cigar to complement your taste, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience.

Beyond cigars, Amendment 21 elevates the experience with a gourmet restaurant, serving a menu that pairs exquisitely with our cigar selections. Our culinary offerings are crafted to enhance the flavors of our cigars, with dishes ranging from classic comfort foods to innovative creations, all prepared with the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re joining us for a casual meal or a special occasion, our restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of indulgence. With an emphasis on exceptional service, a distinguished beverage selection, and a vibrant atmosphere, Amendment 21 is more than just a cigar bar—it’s a destination where luxury and leisure meet.

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